The Quality Charter for welcoming little Zébulons

A child is a person in his/her own right.

Our recipe: With a touch of patience, a hint of passion, a drop of good humour and a lot of creativity, our team promises to:

. Welcome children every morning with good humour and a smile
. Offer them an environment that's warm, stimulating and reassuring
. Be attentive to their biological rhythm, needs and desires
. Recognize their individuality and their differences
. Respect their emotions, privacy and integrity
. Listen and take into account their words and feelings
. Reassure them and show them affection
. Address ourselves to them by always placing ourselves at their height
. Never raise our voices and use respectful language
. Never upset a child with a gesture or with words
. Respect the important role of their “Doudou” or comforter to reassure them
. Accompany their learnings in daily life
. Encourage and reinforce their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence
. Encourage early-learning activities, socialization and self-expression through games and exchanges . Offer guided activities every day to stimulate children's creativity and imagination
. Propose rather than impose, leave them the freedom of choice
. Encourage them to discover other cultures and open up to the outside world
. Teach them the rules of living together, with courtesy and respect for oneself and others

As childcare professionals, we commit to respect children as full-fledged individuals and to always maintain a professional attitude in line with our educational methods.

The entire Zébulon & Co team

A bit of background

Created in 2008, Le Jardin de Zébulon is the first private day-care centre in the Geneva and Pays de Gex region. Based on this experience, Le Jardin de Capucine in established in 2011 and Le Jardin of Lilou in 2014.

We are proud to have welcomed over 300 children since our first opening!!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Law, and I studied Human Resources at the ESSEC Business School in Paris.

I worked for over 10 years in the luxury hotel sector, in particular for the Sheraton and Intercontinental Hotel Group throughout the world.
Thanks to this initial professional experience, I developed an excellent sense of hospitality and an eye for detail.

A strong desire, inspiration and becoming a mother (I am also a mother of 3) encouraged me to create a different kind of day-care centre, one where my children could flourish with total confidence!!!

After two years of research and design work, combined with a pinch of madness, we created this unique and magical place for children.
I was supported from the very start by an enthusiastic management team, passionate about the project and inspired by the desire to exercise their profession in an innovative framework.

I wanted to create a universe that was cosy, innovative, with a modern design, and customized with vivid, citrus-inspired colours.

The Jardin de Zébulon was designed to be both playful and educational, a place for living, having fun and dreaming, a place that leaves room for spontaneity, good humour and conviviality.
A place where a child can live his life as a child, and develop his personality through games and the pleasure of playing.

Welcome to all of the future Zébulons soon to join us!!!

Ariane Boucher
Founder & CEO

Le Manapa’i
Fitness& Spa

Zebulon & co prend également soin des parents avec la création
en 2014 d'un Fitness & SPA

Dans une ambiance balinaise, découvrez un cadre chic et intimiste.

Pratiquez une activité sportive dans un lieu très confidentiel avec des appareils de dernière génération ou tout simplement prenez le temps de vous détendre avec nos rituels de beauté du monde.

Laissez-vous emporter par les parfums, la musique douce et le calme du lieu
afin d’apprécier votre temps

A bientôt
Ariane Boucher

Le Manapa’i
166 Rue Clément Ader
01630 Saint-Genis-Pouilly
(à côté des crèches Le Jardin de Zébulon, Le Jardin de Capucine et le Jardin de Lilou)

Pour prendre RDV, merci de contacter Nathaly au 06 80 22 32 44

Télécharger notre carte des soins au format PDF

A Healthier environment in our nursery!!!!
To protect the health of our children!!!!

In order to provide a continuously high level of service, Le Jardin de Capucine improves the quality of the air your children breathe inside our nursery.

High quality construction and materials with very low emission of volatile organic compounds or carbon dioxide, and solvent-free, for:

. Floor coverings
. Wall paint
. Furniture
. Controlled mechanical ventilation
. No natural gas
. CEE Standard toys

Limitation of electromagnetic waves

. No Wifi
. No baby phones
. No smartphones near children
. No microwave ovens


Our floors, windows, bathrooms, furniture, dishes, linen and clothes are cleaned with Ecolabel, phosphate-free products only


. Salt-free, natural sugar, low fat
. Organic vegetables, fruit and dairy products
. Fresh fish with no mercury
. Fresh meat with the "Label Rouge", originating only from France
. Yogurt with no preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours
. We prepare tasty dishes from fresh, varied products in our own kitchen
. Everything is made on our premises
. There are no finished products from outside

Care Products

Use of bamboo gloves and water when washing hands and mouth
Use of cotton gloves and natural soap with no additives, parabens or preservatives when changing children
Baby wipes no longer used
No bisphenol in baby bottles, plates, glasses or spoons


. Top-of-the-range furniture
. Sheets and blankets made of organic cotton
. Toys purchased from French stores only

Household waste and sorting

Our team organizes waste sorting in collaboration with the children and teaches them to respect nature

We had tests performed inside of our day-care centres to assess the quality of the air that the children breathe all day

These tests were performed by an independent private laboratory
(tests performed in June 2013)


(a substance that irritates the nose and respiratory tract, emitted in particular by certain construction materials, paints, floor coverings, furniture, toys, glues, cleaning products, etc.)

Test results for French day-care centres and schools between 2009 and 2011:

Formaldehyde / Young children's institutions in France

0 à < 10 µg/m3 -> 13,6% 80,7%
10 à < 30 µg/m3 -> 67,1% -
30 à < 50 µg/m3 -> 15,8% 19,3%
50 à < 100 µg/m3 -> 3,5% -
        > 100 µg/m3 -> 0,0% 0,0%

Test results for our day-care centres in 2013:

Formaldehyde / Zébulon & Capucine

French law: Max 30µg/m3 for a long duration exposure as of January 1, 2015
Formaldehyde present in our day-care centres -> 10µg/m3


(Carcinogenic substance generated by exhaust gas combustion)

Test results for French day-care centres and schools between 2009 and 2011:

Benzene / Young children's institutions in France

0 à < 2 µg/m3 -> 31,7% 31,7%
2 à < 5 µg/m3 -> 65,2% 67,7%
5 à < 10 µg/m3 -> 2,5% -
      > 10 µg/m3 -> 0,6% 0,6%

Test results for our day-care centres in 2013:

Benzene / Zébulon & Capucine

French law: Max 5µg/m3 for a long duration exposure as of January 1, 2013
Benzene present in our day-care centres -> 2,5 µg/m3


(Represents the level of confinement, indicates the accumulation of pollutants in facilities)
Thanks to our CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) and our very large rooms, here are the results:

Zébulon & Capucine

French law: Max 2000ppm/m3 for a long duration exposure
CO2 present in our day-care centres -> 500 ppm/m3

Thanks to our deliberate choice to improve the indoor air in our day-care centres, to protect our children to the maximum, Le Jardin de Zébulon and Le Jardin de Capucine are among the French institutions with the purest air.

Protecting our children!!!

Zébulon & Co

Zébulon's kitchen

Stimulating their senses and tantalizing their taste buds, we help children to become gourmet eaters!!!
Our healthy, well-balanced meals highlight the real tastes of food!!!

Our Secret

Our recipes take inspiration from our grandmothers, our childhood, our travels, French regional specialities and dishes from other countries.

Children discover spices, herbs, sweet and savoury combinations, a cosmopolitan cuisine…

Our Recipe

. Fresh, seasonal produce
. Only ORGANIC vegetables, fruit and dairy products
. Meat only produced in France and with the "Label Rouge"
. Fresh fish, mercury-free
. No salt added
. Very little sugar
. Very little fat
. Yogurt with no artificial colouring, preservatives or artificial flavours
. No finished dishes come from the outside, everything is cooked at the Jardin de Zébulon!!!

Our Cooking Workshops

Equipped with an apron, a chef's hat and a whisk – the children are now ready to prepare a cake for snack time!!

Our Mini-Garden

Vegetables don't grow in cans, nor does fruit grow in cartons!!!!
Vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are cultivated by the children in our mini-garden.
The goal is to show children where and how the food that we find on our plates is grown, and to teach them to respect and take care of Mother Nature, since she feeds us.

We wish all of our little Zébulons "Bon appétit" !!!!

Zébulon Conciergerie

Because your time is precious we assist you every day


. Make deliver your parcels directly to the nursery
. We post your mail
. We take care of your laundry cleaning and dry cleaning
. ZOCO Our catering service for meals of your child's evening

The emergencies

. A day at the emergency nursery if we can we will
. We buy your children's medicines
. A bouquet of flowers for an evening unexpectedly
. A baby sitter for the evening


. A moment of relaxation in our Fitness & Spa
. Take away your Nespresso coffee every morning to start the day
. Slippers for your child
. A cooler bag
. Shopping bag for moms
. Nappies

Go work serenely, we take care ofalmost everything !!!

Please fell free to contact us

My first little school

Because your little Kid has just 3 years, it still needs to be cocooned.
We created in 2014 a petite section of school where the national education program is offered.

2 teachers graduated from state

. Professional of National Education
. Passionate, gentle and attentive
. They teach the Program of petite section while respecting its rythm of life,
its own personality and its development.

6 areas of competence are taught

. Language
. Perception, imagination, creativity
. Discovery the world
. The orientation in space
. Pre-math
. Writing

With all the comfort and the environment of the nursery

. Small group of 12 children
. Open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday
. Closed only during Christmas time (2 weeks)
. Atmosphere "at home" in decorating a child's room
. Cozy interior with bright colors
. Materials and furniture top of the range
. 2 small bedrooms
. Educational toys and games to the taste of time
. BIO meals
. Garden
. Concierge Service

Your little Zebulon will grow and will be finally ready to discover
the middle section in the school of your choice

Contact us

Welcome to
Zébulon & Cie